about Unlimited Yoga

The mission for Unlimited Yoga is simple //  to help more people experience the benefits of yoga through free & donation-based yoga classes, and  'off the mat' volunteer service opportunities in Denver and Boulder, Colorado 

About Me (Lynn!) 

Personally, I fell in love with yoga about five years ago after being introduced to it by a friend. Feeling stressed by my circumstances at the time, I could tell that I felt noticeably better on days when I rolled out my mat. Yoga allowed me to calm my mind, breathe out (something I somehow found myself forgetting to do), and feel stronger all at the same time. 

While learning about yoga and the benefits of practicing, I read an article about how trauma-based yoga has proven to be an effective treatment for veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). For me, this knowledge was powerful. A non-drug solution to alleviate anxiety, hyper-vigilance, and insomnia!? I became sold on yoga's ability to take care of the whole self - mind, body and spirit. 

As founder of UnlimitedYoga.com, I hope I can inspire more people to practice more yoga. I love what yoga stands for – a present life, a healthy lifestyle, a positive existence, and a growing community.


What Teachers are saying...

I teach donation yoga on Tuesdays at Twisted Sister Yoga in Park Hill and I have seen a handful of people that found us through you. THANK YOU! I love seeing fresh faces in my classes. Especially beginner yogis :)
— Addison Gumbert, Owner of Karma Kosha & Teacher at Twisted Sister Yoga
Unlimited Yoga has been a great way for us to spread the word about Yoga for the People and help us find new students for our donation-based yoga classes, which are fundraisers for our mission. Lynn’s site is also a great conduit to let people see the work we do, which is to bring yoga to the people.
— Craig Pollitt, Board Member with Yoga for the People
Your website has already brought me 6 new students! So awesome thanks again!
— Gina Sedano, Founder at Silk Siren Aerial Yoga
Thanks to Lynn at Unlimited Yoga, I have had the pleasure of welcoming many new yogis into my Wednesday evening All Levels Vinyasa class! It’s wonderful to welcome fresh faces into our class each week and expand upon our community. Thank you for spreading the word Lynn!
— Rachel Fugate, Teacher at Intuition Healing Center