Introducing RiNo Yoga Social


Introducing RiNo Yoga Social

RiNo Yoga Social is not your average yoga studio.

RiNo Yoga Social, located in the River North neighborhood of Denver, is a "shared space yoga studio", born from the desire to empower the brilliant yoga teachers in our community to build their own unique businesses, while fostering fun, creative and powerful yoga practices.

This is a space for teachers to materialize their vision - whether that is a weekly mindful vinyasa class, monthly gatherings combining yoga with dance, an inversion workshop, or even a teacher training. We embrace all forms of wellness practices, welcoming not only yoga into the space, but fitness, dance, meditation, hooping, acro and aerial practices as well.

Our mission is to cultivate positive change in the community and hold a space for growth and abundance. 

The building where RYS is located has a lot of history. It constructed to be a church in 1921 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004 for it's unique Renaissance architecture. The yoga studio is located in the basement of this building with exposed piping and bricks giving it a very industrial and earthy feel.

To decorate the walls, we had Robin Munro, owner of Colorado Crush graffiti street festival, and his team tag glow in the dark chakra's on the brick walls.

He also created a beautiful Tibetan mural in the back room exposing rolling mountains and enchanting waterfalls and rivers.

The entire studio floor is covered in Zebra Yoga Tiles as well! This flooring is made from recycled materials, and has the perfect amount of give for any style of class. Also making it much more supportive on the muscles and joints. The space is equipped with an excellent sound system and is completely sound proof allowing instructors to play their music without disturbing surrounding businesses. This space is also equipped with yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, dressing rooms, and restrooms for everyone's convenience.

Come practice with us! Click here to find out about all the upcoming classes.

For pricing, every instructor creates their own method of payment and packages for their classes. (We don't sell monthly memberships or packages like most yoga studios/gyms)





This week’s post is sponsored by Whole Planet Foundation, a Whole Foods Market nonprofit organization. The Foundation funds microcredit loans to stimulate economies in 68 countries, including the United States. Since 2005, Whole Planet Foundation has given 1.5 million loans to mostly women entrepreneurs. 

***To enter to win a Whole Planet Foundation re-useable bag and their Liberation Soup cookbook, scroll down to the bottom and enter your name info the form***

There are a lot of different organizations that work to alleviate poverty in countries around the world, and Whole Planet Foundation is one of them. 

I’m really excited to share about the work Whole Planet Foundation is doing, which you may have heard about when checking out at Whole Foods Market stores.

Whole Planet Foundation is a nonprofit 501c(3), that raises money through partnerships, individual donations, and the sale of their Liberation Soup cookbook to provide loan capital to microfinance partner companies. These partner companies work on the ground to loan money and provide resources to entrepreneurs to help start and grow businesses. (100% of Whole Planet Foundation’s overhead costs are covered by Whole Foods Market, allowing 100% of donations to go to loans.)

In a world where so many organizations, from the goodness of their hearts, try to fix issues related to poverty by coming in and giving food or clothing away for free, I think it’s good to highlight programs that work to stimulate economies from the ground up. By loaning money to motivated people who lack access to capital, we can foster an environment for people to step into their own power, contribute to society in a meaningful way, and provide for their families in a way that makes them proud.

Whole Planet Foundation’s work, often referred to as ‘microfinance’, is super important because in developing countries it’s very common for people to face huge barriers to obtain even the smallest of loans that would help them get started in growing a business. (If you’re unfamiliar with microfinance, perhaps you’re familiar with Kiva, Kickstarter, Indiegogo or GoFundMe which are also platforms for people to raise money to fund their projects).

To date, Whole Planet Foundation, along with their partners, have supplied 58 million dollars in microloans to over 1.5 million families – 87% of clients are female, with an unprecedented repayment rate of 97%.  For individual stories about the entrepreneurs who they are helping, visit their Who We Support page.  

What’s even cooler is that every dollar re-paid is loaned out again and again, so you’re gift keeps on giving.

And because I love what WPF has to offer – I am thrilled to announce a giveaway! Enter your name in the form below for a chance to win a copy of Liberation Soup and a Whole Planet Foundation re-useable grocery bag.

Name *

No purchase necessary to enter this giveaway. A winner will be chosen at random on December 10th, 2016. Colorado residents 18 and older only. 

If you want to get involved, you can also give online or create a Facebook fundraiser.



Donation-based Classes to Support Boulder's Give Back Yoga Foundation

This month I'm really happy to be spreading the word about the Give Back Yoga Foundation, a nationally recognized non-profit based out of Boulder. GBYF does great work supporting and funding yoga teachers of all traditions to bring yoga and mindfulness techniques to underserved populations such as veterans, cancer survivors, people in recovery from substance abuse and eating disorders, in addition to people in prison. 

During the entire month of November, studios around the country are hosting donation-based yoga classes to raise money for Give Back Yoga Foundation. In Colorado, please consider attending one of the classes below and supporting this awesome local non-profit. 



Oprah & Deepak's Free 21-Day Meditation Experience Starts 10/31

If you been meaning to try meditation or are wanting to get back into it, Oprah & Deepak Chopra's 21-Day series is definitely the way to go. 

This next series of theirs is called "Creating Peace From the Inside Out: The Power of Connection". 

For 21 days, you'll get an email with a link to an audio recording that lasts about 15 minutes. I really like it, and think you will too! 

Sign up at



This is #WhyIYoga

A few of the reasons I Practice yoga

Create your own #WhyIYoga images to share @

Create your own #WhyIYoga images to share @

Yoga, for me, is an incredible de-stressor. Going to class allows me to leave my worries at the door, relax and breathe.  I'm also routinely inspired by teachers' positive words and stories, a couple of times even to tears. 

Fortunately, I'm not a very stressed out person. But I still love yoga's ability calm my internal chatter and allow me to think more clearly and happily. 

WhyIYoga (1).png

Yoga is a great full-body workout, in my opinion. In part because local teachers are really good at putting together sequences that address muscles groups throughout your body, including those that don't often get stretched when you run, bike, etc. 

Personally, one of my favorite kinds of yoga is hot yoga, where the room is roughly 95 degrees. Especially hot yoga gives me a really deep sweat. 

Create your own #WhyIYoga with the CorePower Yoga photo tool. If you share to Instagram, tag @unlimitedyoga and #WhyIYoga of course :)

Create your own #WhyIYoga with the CorePower Yoga photo tool. If you share to Instagram, tag @unlimitedyoga and #WhyIYoga of course :)

I've had an incredible time going to all different types of free, donation, donation for a cause, and paid yoga classes in the Denver area. And you can too! We are #blessed to live in a city with a very lively yoga scene that provide a ton of different experiences. 



Work Exchange Programs for Free & Discounted Yoga in Denver and Boulder

Something that's not always broadcasted at yoga studios is that if you wanted to get more involved and attend more classes at a particular studio for free or at a discounted rate -- it's common for studios to offer work exchange programs. Basically, you would clean or run the front desk for a couple of hours a week in exchange for free yoga or a discounted unlimited pass (the exchange varies studio to studio). It's a really good option for people that face financial challenges but would love to maintain a practice at a certain place. 

A couple of places in Denver / Boulder that I found offer this option are: CorePower Yoga, Yoga Pod, One Yoga Denver, and Denver Bikram Yoga

If you think someone you know would like this option, please pass this on. 


Shout Out to Mile High on the Cheap


Shout Out to Mile High on the Cheap

If you are on a budget or just want to save a few dollars, Mile High on the Cheap is a website that you should definitely bookmark. For Denver and Boulder residents, Mile High on the Cheap is arguably the BEST resource for freebies, cheap things to do, and other deals around town. They maintain an impressive list of local deals and other super helpful information to live life large for less in Colorado. 

A few of my favorite pages on Mile High on the Cheap are...

- A weekly list of Free & Cheap Things to do in Denver This Weekend

- A comprehensive list of farmers markets in Denver and Boulder

- Info on all of the free days at the Denver Zoo, Denver Botanic Garden, local museums and more

Half price and cheap tickets to some of the best events around town, including Rockies games, comedy clubs, and The Yoga Expo. 

If you subscribe to their list, you'll get a summary of the top deals happening that day.  

Definitely check em' out!