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One way to get involved with yoga studios on a part-time basis, and also earn free or discounted yoga classes, is to help out studios with what is commonly referred to as a karma yoga program.  

Karma Yoga is known as the path of 'action',  or the path of 'self-less service'. According to The Art of Living, it is also "of putting in 100 percent effort, without being attached to the outcome. " 

Most often, karma yogis help out with front desk activities or help clean the studio for a couple of hours a week or month in exchange for the ability to participate in studio offerings. 

It is a really good option for people that face financial challenges, that would love to maintain a practice at a certain place. 

A couple of places in Denver / Boulder that sometimes offer this option are: CorePower Yoga, Yoga Pod, One Yoga Denver, and Denver Bikram Yoga