Straight from my inbox. Bob, from Highlands Ranch, CO tells me (with permission to share) about his first week practicing yoga. 

"I just finished a week of yoga that included 3 sixty minute sessions. As a 60 year old guy, with a few battle scars, I have a goal of maintaining my flexibility and general health. (and keeping up with my much younger wife)

The first day, a very nice older woman conducted the class. She spoke softly, and sometimes in what seemed to be a foreign language. All I heard was go into your cowabunga, do a doggie style, cinderella or mariachi.

I watched others and mirrored them as best as I could. I definitely felt the stretching. Then, during the final stretch, the instructor started whispering in that foreign language again. I thought I heard her say “I’m nasty”. Then before I could process that the entire class responded “I’m nasty”.  I was so confused.

As soon as the class was over I was very sore. So, I apparently got some kind of work out.

Two days later I’m back but with a different instructor. Before the class I asked about a workaround for some limited flexibility in my right knee, a victim of a ski accident and 4 surgeries. She started lecturing me about what my problem was and telling me how I need to manage it. I thought her head (or something else) would explode. A very uptight woman. Anyway, I went through the class and caught on to the positions and lingo and followed along with the class much better. Not so sore after this second class.

Two days after that I’m back again and ready to go. This instructor was friendly and energetic. I did much better finding the correct positions and even had some better balance. It felt like I was catching on.

3 days of yoga in one week and I felt fine. No big pains or soreness. There was one interesting result. I didn’t have to pee as often at night (old guy stuff). Quite interesting.

So, will I go back? Become a regular? Buy a spandex outfit? We’ll see."

It was just too funny, and too true not to share. Thank you, Bob, for sharing your first week!!