One Denver-based organization and community that I am excited to be a resource for and share about is Yoga for the People (YFP).

Yoga for the People (YFP) is a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that matches certified volunteer yoga instructors with organizations who help underserved or at-risk people to provide free community yoga classes.  Since being founded in 2006, YFP has worked with agencies such as Denver Health, Rocky Mountain Stroke Association, Denver Housing Authority, the Bridge Project, Children’s Hospital, Project Wise - and many other local schools and organizations providing support to the community.

I am happy to support YFP’s mission to bring yoga to the people and to create opportunities for yoga teachers, organizations and communities to foster relationships that promote well-being. Like Unlimited Yoga, YFP strives to make yoga accessible to everyone in safe and supportive environments across the Denver Metro region.

It's great to partner with Yoga for the People because they also believe that yoga can open far more than hips and hamstrings. It opens hearts, minds, and even doors. It can bring hope and healing to those who have suffered physical or emotional trauma. It can provide a space for peace and relaxation from the difficulties and stress of everyday life. And, it can happen anywhere: school classrooms, church basements, community centers, jails, offices, and hospitals. YFP also knows that it can be very difficult for many who could benefit from yoga to find a way to practice, which is why they set out to bring yoga TO the people! 

Yoga for the People is currently looking for volunteer yoga teachers for their 2016 program cycle. Volunteering involves making a commitment to teach weekly for 12 weeks at one of YFP’s community partners. Volunteers will be able to request a population they are comfortable with and will be supported by YFP throughout the entire program session. Not only do volunteers get the benefit of working within the community, but they also get to attend yoga teacher trainings led quarterly by YFP for free. Thus, earning free CEU's.

If you are interested in volunteering or supporting Yoga for the People, please visit YFP's website. Also, every week they have 1-2 donation-based classes where all proceeds from the class go to support YFP's mission. Boom!