This post is dedicated to the WAYS I GREW and the LESSONS I LEARNED in yoga teacher training. 

Lynn Koves Yoga - Yoga Teacher Training at Kindness Yoga

When you talk with people who have graduated a YTT program, it’s really common to hear about personal transformations, revelations, and the ways in which people grew in the process of training. 

I can’t speak for everyone (nor would I want to try), but it seems like the specific transformations that occur within people are specific to each person, where they are in life, and also based on who their teachers are.

When I look at back at my Kindness Yoga training, here a few very memorable lessons I learned and took to heart in my personal life:

·      Don’t do things out of habit.  Ellen and Jack reinforced to us that it is important to say things with intention. Not to go on autopilot with your teaching practice, or say things that you don’t wholeheartedly believe. Doing so can sound disingenuous and sometimes, like bullshit.

In life, live awake and make conscious choices for how you spend your time, who you spend your time with, and where your money goes.

Also, it’s impossible to change what you’re not aware of.  For me, this re-enforced the benefits of getting constructive feedback from mentors, peers, and people who observe my work. 

·      Words matter. Choose them wisely. In yoga, being a successful yoga teacher very much requires being a great communicator.  Ellen and Jack encouraged us time and time again to eliminate filler words, extra words, and confusing language in order to be affective teachers. Also, to be aware of the words you use when helping people get into poses or providing feedback on their practice as well.

In life, how you say things can determine the entire outcome of a situation, or even a relationship. Be mindful with your words.

·      Self check-ins are important. Ellen started week 2 with a question for people to self-reflect on. She asked us – “Up until this point, how have you shown up to training? And does it match what your goals are for the program? If yes, great.” If not, she advised that now was a good time to change course. 

In life, it’s a good practice to be self-aware of your participation in life, in your relationships, and amount of effort you’ve put towards your goals. I personally value self check-ins, and credit them for keeping me on track toward my goals, and also making sure I live a life that makes me truly happy.

·      Get out of your comfort zone.  There were plenty of times in YTT where I found myself a bit uncomfortable with the task at hand because it either put me on the spot, or was generally something I had never done before and wanted to do well.

During training, and in life, I recognize that getting out of my comfort zone is one of the best ways (if not the BEST way) to grow and evolve. When life gets uncomfortable, acknowledge that you are learning -- and appreciate where you are. It's all about the journey anyway. 


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