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Ever wondered, what is Rocket?

Rocket is a condensed form of the traditional Ashtanga series which consist of 90 poses in 90 minutes, a vinyasa between each pose. Recognizing that the modern westerner doesn’t have the time or necessarily the strength to complete the entire 90 minutes of the Ashtanga Primary series, in the 80’s, Larry Schultz created a shorter class which was later dubbed Rocket by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead because “It gets you there faster.”

Bottle Rocket is an accessible and comfortable class for all levels and is accompanied by music. Traditional Ashtanga practice does not contain music, but rather focuses on the sound of breath. For a student new to Ashtanga, Bottle Rocket is the best way to adjust to the meticulous Ashtanga style in a more modern way. 

Evolve Yoga Denver is the first and only Rocket-based studio in the Denver area. Popularized on the continental coasts, Rocket has yet to find a grand following throughout the country. It is however one of the fastest growing forms of yoga and for good reason. Rocket is intensly cleansing, promotes visible growth in your practice, contains fun and challenging inverted postures and maintains a strong traditional foundation, honoring one of the oldest forms of Indian yoga: Ashtanga.

This post was co-authored by Jessica Lyn Young and Brett Rezek, owners of Evolve Yoga Denver. Evolve Yoga Denver, located on South Broadway in Denver is an Ashtanga-based yoga studio with Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket, Yin and other regularly scheduled yoga classes.