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After a couple years of beach living and studying at the Miami Life Center under Patrick Nolan, Evolve founder Jessica Lyn Young fulfilled a long time desire to live in the mountains when she moved to Colorado in summer of 2015. Her past life as a busy executive in the chaotic NYC fashion industry couldn’t be more different than the calm and laid back Denver atmosphere; Exactly the kind of environment for which Jessica was searching. Denver seemed the perfect spot for establishing her dream Rocket Shala. With not a single Rocket studio within a hundred miles, Jessica accepted the challenge: establish a Denver Rocket culture by creating a home for Ashtangis. A place to share her love for Ashtanga yoga, teach through her passion of Rocket and create a more balanced, calm and rewarding life for herself in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Hidden directly in the center of the quickly developing Green Mile on South Broadway district, Jessica found the ideal area to introduce a new wave of yogi style to the Denver scene. The conversion of the Evolve Shala from dilapidated framing shop to gleaming yoga studio was a 5 month challenge, but well worth the wait for a June 2016 Grand Opening. With the addition of the Evolve Community Garden summer of 2017, the Evolve shala has transformed into a welcoming home for yogis and gardeners alike. A place to meditate, practice, study and share, the Shala is an oasis of calm surrounded by city blocks of concrete jungle. Once inside the garden walls, it’s easy to forget that this green and lush space secretly sits on the bustling Broadway Avenue.

Recently acquiring a business partner has been essential to the progression and continued growth of the Evolve space because as everyone knows, running a business alone is a daunting challenge. Allowing for Jessica to spend more time studying and perfecting her practice in order to be the most effective Rocket teacher possible, Brett Rezek joined on to manage the ‘non-yoga’ aspects of the operation. A long time student herself, but not a teacher, Brett’s passion for yoga was inspiration enough to join the Shala. Wanting to share her new found love of Rocket, Brett is excited to create, alongside Jessica, not just another yoga studio, but a third space where her native Colorado community can practice together, grow food, relax, share stories, and become a family.  

This post was co-authored by Jessica Lyn Young and Brett Rezek, owners of Evolve Yoga Denver. Evolve Yoga Denver, located on South Broadway in Denver is an Ashtanga-based yoga studio with Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Rocket, Yin and other regularly scheduled yoga classes.