CoAsana Yoga At Sloans Lake

Emily is an up-and-coming yoga instructor in the Denver area. Emily, along with three other teachers co-founded CO Asana Yoga Collective, a group of certified Vinyasa yoga teachers who joined together in pursuit of a common goal: to create a cOMmUNITY where yogis of any stage can practice their art of expression, and to offer a welcoming environment for those looking to try yoga for the first time. They bring innovative and accessible yoga to Denver via donation based classes held throughout the city.

Emily taught YOGA + PLANTS: Saving the Bees - Pollinator Plant Project class with Unlimited Yoga in the Summer of 2017.  Her classes are also frequently included on Unlimited Yoga Denver's page for free & donation-based yoga in the Denver area. 

Here's more about Emily and her teaching practice  >>> 

UY: Where did you do your yoga teacher training, and what drew you to that program?

ET: I completed a 200 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training program at Kindness under the amazing guidance of Ginny Biddle, Lindsay Gonzalez and Elle Beau. I had been feeling restless in my routine and was desperate to do something more empowering. Kindness became my home studio when I moved to Denver almost three years ago and I knew some friends who loved the YTT program. I met Ginny before one of her classes in the South Broadway studio and asked her a million questions. After class I asked her to put me on the list and resigned from my full time job the next morning. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

UY: What made you want to become a yoga teacher?

ET: Teaching yoga is the best way to deepen my personal practice. By communicating poses to others, it helps me understand them better myself. Yoga is so special because it’s an incredibly personal practice surrounded by an aggressively supportive community. My goal as a teacher is to showcase those benefits to those who may not be comfortable enough to visit a traditional studio, so my friends and I founded CO Asana Yoga to give ourselves opportunities to practice teaching classes in spaces like schools, apartment buildings and city parks. We began almost a year ago and haven’t stopped since!

UY: What style(s) of yoga do you teach?

ET: Vinyasa and Align & Flow

UY: Where can people find you? 

ET: Sloan’s Lake Yoga classes are every Sunday morning (8:30 & 10 AM) and Wednesday evening (6 PM) through the end of September. Find out more at