Yoga + Plants

In the summer of 2017 Unlimited Yoga evolved from an online resource only, to organizing a few in-person yoga events, including the summer yoga series, YOGA + PLANTS.

YOGA + PLANTS was created with the vision of combining two healthful activities - yoga & plants, to create fun experiences that bring the yoga community together to plant seeds, (literally and figuratively) for a life, diet and home filled with plants and flowers.

To make things even better, 10% of proceeds from the yoga events were donated and re-invested back into the community by supporting Urban Peak, a local shelter for youth in Denver and Boulder who are either homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless.

The series, by design, was a collaborative effort between Lynn at Unlimited Yoga, professional gardener Eric Rooney of Rooney Bloom, studio owners Jessica Lyn Young and Brett Rezek of Evolve Yoga Denver, and a handful of rockstar up-and-coming yoga teachers (Addison Gumbert, Tiffany Adams, Aly Ballow, Jaclyn Fu, and Emily Tella).

Proudly sponsored by Stillwater Brands, doTERRA Essential oils and Beekeepers Naturals, between and May and the end of July, attendees of YOGA + PLANTS enjoyed yoga, smoothies, and plant-based learning and activities from gardener Eric on topics such as -

Indoor plants that require little to no sunlight: 

Yoga + Plants: Indoor Plants Day

Gardening 101 and how to keep various plants alive and thriving:

Yoga + Plants: Gardening 101

The importance of protecting bees and how we can help:

Yoga + Plants: Saving the Bees day

The medicinal properties of plants, including cannabis:

Cannabis Day at Yoga + Plants

How to arrange flowers to create beautiful arrangements:

Floral Arrangement class at Yoga + Plants

About smudging, and the materials to create your own herbal incense:

Yoga + Plants: DIY Incense Day

The mechanics of terrariums to foster plants, including a succulent terrarium project:

Succulent Terrarium Day at Yoga + Plants

About air plants, the simplicity of taking care of them, and a DIY old picture frame project:

Yoga + Plants: DIY Air Plant Project

Enjoying the relaxing nature of lavender flowers, along with lavender snacks and the materials to create a lavender-infused spray to use before bed or anytime:

Lavender Day at the Grow Denver for Yoga + Plants

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