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Tiffany Adams is founder of Kindred Yogis, a yoga company that aims to create a safe space for beginners, experts and everyone in between to delve into their personal yoga practice. Kindred Yogis wants to provide the space to explore your mind, body, and soul through fun and powerful sequences. 

Tiffany taught YOGA + PLANTS: Indoor Plants & DIY Herbal Incense. 

Here's more about Tiffany and her teaching practice >>> 

UY: Where did you did your yoga teacher training, and what drew you to that program? 

TA: I completed my 200 RYT with Kindness Yoga. I moved to Colorado in September of last year and was asking around about different studios in the area. Kindness was one of two that was recommended to me. After attending a few classes at Kindness, I just knew this is where I wanted to get my training. Their sense of community was obvious and exactly what I was looking for. I also loved that they offer the mentor program after you have graduated which I also completed. It just seems like they really care about their students and community. I truly believe I was fortunate to learn from some of the best yoga teachers! 

UY: What made you want to become a yoga teacher? 

TA: I took my first yoga class in 2012. After a handful of classes I already saw the benefits of the practice. I began to crave the calmness and alone time that yoga provided in my busy lifestyle. The more I did it, the more I needed it. I began to not only feel physically better but emotionally as well. I became aware of just how important it is to take care of yourself. I believe yoga is about challenging yourself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga allows me to be happy with who I am, where I am in my practice, and to see what in life really matters. All the while yoga encourages me to challenge myself to continue to grow and forever evolve. I was excited and energized in a way that I felt the need to share the love I had for yoga with others. This is when I realized the next step was to guide yoga practices. Here I am today doing just that and I am so lucky to be doing/sharing what I love.  This journey really has just begun.

UY: What style(s) of yoga do you teach? 

TA: Vinyasa, Align and Flow, Foundations and Gentle Yoga.

UY: Where can people find you? (in-person classes and online) 

TA: I can be found weekly at RiNo Yoga Social, and Koko Fitclub Denver. I would like to begin hosting yoga classes and events at neighborhood parks in the Aurora and Denver area. More information about me and when/where to find me can all be found at Also you can follow me on Instagram at @tiff.yogi.hooper or on Facebook at