Jaclyn is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and the founder of two companies. CHEERFLOW, an Uplifting Morning Yoga Party for Charity, donates proceeds from each event to organizations like the ACLU and Sierra Club. Jaclyn is also Founder of Pepper Bra, a bra company redefining the perception of small chests with a bra that celebrates the body you got. She met Lynn with Unlimited Yoga at an Off The Mat service event at Urban Peak on a Saturday morning, and the rest is history.

Jaclyn taught YOGA + PLANTS: Floral Arrangements & DIY Frame + Air Plants projects.

Here's more about Jaclyn and her teaching practice >>> 

UY: Where did you did your yoga teacher training, and what drew you to that program? 

JF: I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training at QiFlow in spring 2016. I had just moved to Denver around the same time and discovered their Edgewater studio nearby. I was drawn to QiFlow's program because of its unique Entrepreneurship component -- the training included creating our own yoga class series that we had to develop and teach to family and friends. It exposed me to the business side of yoga and started putting teaching experience under my belt very early on in the process.

UY: What made you want to become a yoga teacher?  

JF: I had a huge fear of public speaking and a large part of doing yoga teacher training was to learn how to "own" a room and comfortably hear my own voice for an hour. I didn't intend to start teaching in the beginning but by the end of the program I loved it! I love that yoga is an opportunity to shift and reset your perspectives on how you see yourself and others. Self-awareness is such a powerful thing and I am honored to guide others on the journey.

UY: What style(s) of yoga do you teach? 

JF: Vinyasa yoga, lately with a touch of yin.

UY: Where can people find you? (in-person classes and online) 

JF:  QiFlow on Wednesdays at 4-5pm