Experiencing ARISE Festival in Loveland, Colorado

ARISE Festival 2017

Big thank you to ARISE Festival for the awesome August weekend. It was our first ARISE, and we were sorely impressed by the organization, thought provoking content, eco-activism, yoga experiences, musicians, local vendors, food options, and more. 

Here are just a few of our favorite parts of ARISE Festival: 

- Not usually campers, we were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to pull everything we needed together for the weekend. When we didn't have all the gear, a friend loaned us her tent, and we found Outdoors Geek in Denver to rent us the rest of what we needed at an affordable price. When we arrived at Sunrise Ranch in the dark, we were so relieved to set up our tent under a light. (phewww.) 

- Waking up to beautiful Colorado scenery never gets old. Sunrise Ranch is nestled in Loveland, CO with naturally expansive views of the landscape, including a nearby lake. Walking around the campgrounds before sunrise yoga, we enjoyed our morning coffee and checking out people's camp set ups and festival gear, the Acro yoga tent, Wisdom Village, and observing other festival art we came across. 

- Sunrise yoga with headliner Shiva Rea included some free form movement for self-expression, and finished with a dance party. Not your typical yoga class, but we still got in all the pranayama (breath) we needed and even a hug with a couple of neighbors. 

- The art installations placed around the campground and festival space reminded us of pictures from Burning Man. With ARISE's mission as a leave-no-trace event, some of the art focused on sustainability and things like recycling - which we love. Our favorite > "Your small actions add up to big change. For better or worse." #Truth 

- Last but not at all least, we value and honor ARISE's focus on eco-activism, the notion of living and staying AWAKE, and conversation to better understand one another and spread ideas. On Saturday we partook in a group discussion with the Permaculture Action Network about sustainable farming and regenerative systems. And at night we attended a panel discussion about the Resistance Movement, highlighting the types of action we can take in our own communities to create positive change. (Show up. Vote with your dollars. Support the marginalized.)

We can't wait to see what next year has in store. Thank you ARISE Festival for the great time! We'll for sure be back.

This post is sponsored by ARISE Festival. However, all opinions are authentically our own. Namaste.