Yin Yoga Denver

If you haven't tried Yin before, here's a bit more information on the practice: 

~ Unlike many styles of yoga that include a lot of movement ("Yang" styles of yoga), Yin is a mostly seated or laying down experience. 

~ The purpose of Yin is two-fold: 1. To calm the mind and internal chatter. Give the brain a break, and find a meditative state. 2. Physically, many people think of Yin as a deep stretch. By applying a healthy amount of stress to the connective tissue around our joints, over time we can increase our flexibility and mobility. 

~ Each posture is held for 2-5 minutes, although advanced practitioners will sometimes hold for much longer (like 20 minutes).

~ Yin is different than Restorative Yoga that uses a lot of props to create a fully relaxing experience. (Because they are both seated, some times people get them confused)

~ Finally, some thing to note is that Yin poses should never be painful, although it is normal to feel a mild to moderate sensation in the areas where stress is being applied. 

Yin is one of my favorite classes to each. I love that my students walk out of class and say things like "that felt so good" or "I'm so relaxed". It's a great feeling to be able to help people relax and feel good in their bodies.

To find a Yin class locally, you can find them at many studios in Denver including Kindness Yoga (7 locations; accept donations), RiNo Yoga Social (RiNo), Whole Yoga (Uptown), Elevate Yoga (E. Colfax), Samadhi (several locations throughout Denver and Englewood), The Freyja Project (LoHi)...and I'm sure many more. 

Author: Written by founder of Unlimited Yoga Denver, Lynn Koves