How We Keep Aerial Yogis Safe at Atherial

Atherial Aerial Yoga

Is this hammock safe? Will it support me?  These are some of the questions we hear at Atherial and we want to assure you that, yes, our setup will definitely support you! Aerial Yoga is safe for yogis of all sizes and this article will explain why we are certain of that.  

1. Our rigging points have been tested and certified for aerial yoga. Before Atherial opened its doors, all of the rigging points on the ceiling were tested and certified by a structural engineer and an architect. Each rigging point was certified to hold up to 950 pounds! You may also notice that our aerial yoga setup is attached at two points – one for each pole of the fabric. Both poles are certified to hold 950 pounds so the aerial yoga setup as a whole can support 1,900 pounds!

2. Our fabric is 40 Denier Polyester Tricot which supports over 2,000 pounds of moving weight.  Plus we use figure 8 knots which are used in many rescue operations. Firefighters use figure 8 knots and so do climbers.  Figure 8 knots are designed in such a way that when you pull on them, they become tighter.

3. Daisy Chains are another part of our rigging set up.  They are the black straps that we hook each carabiner to. You’ll notice that each daisy chain has several loops.  Each loop can hold 3,000 pounds and the overall daisy chain supports 5,000 pounds.  If your daisy chain loop did happen to break open, which is highly unlikely, the next rung on the chain would catch the carabiner and stop the fall – this is also why you’ll never see Atherial staff hang the carabiner on the last loop. We purchase our equipment from Aerial Essentials, the same company that supplies some of the well-known aerial professionals in the industry.

4. Spansets are the black tube that hangs from the rigging point for each of our Dancefly and Sling rigging setups. Spansets are certified to hold even more weight than daisy chains. This extra support allows for more dynamic movement which you may have the opportunity to practice in Atherial’s Sling & DanceFly classes. The spansets are certified to hold up to 5,300 pounds of moving weight.

5. We use a variety of carabiners in our set up.  At Atherial, you’ll see steel auto-lock carabiners which hold up to 5,620 pounds, aluminum carabiners which hold up to 5,395 pounds, and swivels which hold over 8,000 pounds. The swivels are used exclusively for our DanceFly and Sling rigging setups.

6. Atherial also utilizes safety mats and they have a variety of sizes available.  The smaller safely mats are used in Aerial Yoga classes when trying inversions. Atherial also uses large safety mats, the same kind that are used for rock climbing, in Sling and DanceFly classes where you’ll have the chance to get higher off the ground.

7. Despite all of this, injuries can still occur when flyers fall out of their hammock. This is why it’s important to listen to your instructor and watch demonstrations before attempting things on your own. Ask your instructor if you’re confused or want additional help. Our instructors are trained in spotting techniques and can help you get where you want to go.  Always practice within your own limits and don’t push yourself further than you’re ready to go.  Trust with the hammock is developed in time. And when you’re ready to try those new moves, we have a variety of safety mats to support you.

If anything ever did happen, all of our instructors have been trained and certified in providing first aid.

We hope this information gives you the space to find trust in your rigging set up so you can feel safe while practicing at Atherial.  If you ever have questions about your rigging set up or practice, ask your instructor!

About the author: Jen Callahan is a Denver-based yoga instructor.  She teaches aerial yoga and aerial restore classes at Atherial and also serves as the Community Marketing Manager for the studio. Connect with her on Instagram at @jendoesaerial.