RiNo Yoga Social, A Collective of Independent Yoga Teachers

RiNo Yoga Social

RiNo Yoga Social, located in the River North neighborhood of Denver, is unlike any other yoga studio in Denver.

RYS is a collective of independent yoga teachers with the mission to “keep the practice of yoga fun, creative, and accessible while empowering yoga teachers to build their own businesses.” What this means is that…it is a shared yoga space and event center where teachers rent the space to have the creative freedom to create yoga and meditation experiences that fit their unique talents, strengths, and visions.

At RYS you can find all kinds of yoga classes and styles from traditional Vinyasa (one breath to one movement), to Yin (a mostly seated meditation with physical postures giving you a deep stretch), to Restorative (a highly relaxing class mostly laying down supported by lots of props), to Trauma Informed Yoga (led by a trained Yoga Therapist), to Buti Yoga (a dance inspired yoga class) to Mala making classes, and so much more.

Each class has affordable drop-in rates or is donation-based, so that anyone can afford to make yoga a part of their day and regular self-care regime.

The building where RYS is located has a lot of history. It constructed to be a church in 1921 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2004 for it's unique Renaissance architecture. The yoga studio is located in the basement of this building with exposed piping and bricks giving it a very industrial and earthy feel.

To decorate the walls, they commissioned Robin Munro, owner of Colorado Crush graffiti street festival, and his team tag glow in the dark chakra's on the brick walls.

To visit their website, and check out the schedule visit rinoyogasocial.com.